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Phone Box by VampirePumpkins Phone Box :iconvampirepumpkins:VampirePumpkins 6 3 By demon-kitty-aki by VampirePumpkins By demon-kitty-aki :iconvampirepumpkins:VampirePumpkins 0 0
One Fateful Day
Marie Renard was a normal 18 year old girl.
That is, until that one fateful day.
She woke up the same way as she always did in her one bedroom apartment. She had set out on her own very soon after completing her high school education and was now in college. She went to class, same as she always did before noticing a pen laying on the ground
The pen sat on the floor, lonely and abandoned. It was a cheap ball point pen that you could find anywhere, so no one else had paid the lost pen any mind.
It had probably fallen out of a college student's bag, but the student had many more with which to replace it.
The pen had rolled along the floor of the classroom, coming to a stop in front of the teacher's desk. Her teacher, Mr. Jay Q John, was not in his desk? Where was he, you ask?
He was many miles outside of town on a rock climbing exposition. At least, he was until he had the urge to look towards the sky. There in the distance, Prof. John saw a glimmer of light. A glimmer that was becoming s
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Boo and the Misfit Witch-REDO-
      The Contract
Boo sat on the floor, his tail twitching in annoyance that he had no choice but to wait in that godforsaken office. He was not a patient feline, but anyone would be upset at waiting 30 minutes for a meeting set up by the other party.  He was an important cat and his time was valuable. Of course, cats don't generally have much to do on any given day but nap and get fed, but Boo wasn't just any feline. Beneath that silky black coat and lithe muscle was one of the most powerful witch familiars ever to have lived.
He, Bugaboo Familiari, had served all the great witches throughout their careers and was presently waiting for his latest employer to come greet him. Considering his reputation and resume, it was odd that he was being kept waiting. If he wasn't such a stickler for tradition, the cat would have left some time ago. After all, he had been summoned so he would just have to suck it up.
:iconvampirepumpkins:VampirePumpkins 0 6
Meeting a Weasel and a Shark
("I Liked the Shark More.")
"So, think this demon cat chick will be as hard to catch as that nine tails kid?" Kisame asked his dark eyed partner as they both stood imposingly atop a tree branch, looking down at the entrance to the Village Hidden in The Leaves. "I mean, the village might still be on guard and all. Is it smart to go after another container from the same village?"
"The fact that most people wouldn't do such a thing is precisely why they won't be expecting us again." Itachi replied, pushing his shiny black windblown hair away from his face. Secretly he hoped that the wind wouldn't damage his dark ebony locks.
"Ha, shows what you know!" A loud confidant voice stated loudly from behind the two Akatsuki members, causing both their eyes to widen with shock. They turned around swiftly to face the newcomer who was standing in another tree on a branch slightly above there's.
She was rather petite young woman with shining green eyes framed by squarish, black rimmed glasses and a s
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The Braid by VampirePumpkins The Braid :iconvampirepumpkins:VampirePumpkins 0 0
Boo and the Misfit Witch
                                                         The Contract                                   
               Boo sat on the floor, his tail twitching in annoyance that he had no choice but to wait in that godforsaken office. He was not a patient feline, but anyone would be upset at waiting 30 minutes for a meeting set up by the other party!  And Boo wasn't just any feline, oh no. One wouldn't know it, but Boo was a powerful witch familiar, a bla
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Mature content
KAIN :iconvampirepumpkins:VampirePumpkins 0 0
The nurse left work at five o'clock. She was tired, tired of standing on her feet all day, tired of the idiot doctors, just…tired.
"Damnit!" She cursed when the heel of her sensible shoes got caught in a crack in the sidewalk. She fell, nearly breaking her neck. She kneeled there, on the cold, hard pavement, clutching her twisted ankle.  Nobody stopped to help the fallen nurse. Everyone, much too busy to care about the lady in white.
It was a rather thankless job; the nurse mused as she picked herself up and dusted off her white uniform before limping towards her car. She worked all day to care for the sick and the frail, but no one paid her any mind. And why should they care? She was just a nurse, not an ever important doctor.
It was a rather thankless job…
The nurse drove home in silence, not bothering to turn on the radio. It was not long before it began to rain. Soon the roads became slick and dangerous, but the nurse was careful.
Suddenly, there was a screech a
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O.o Yeah, I Dunno Either... by VampirePumpkins O.o Yeah, I Dunno Either... :iconvampirepumpkins:VampirePumpkins 1 0 Sunset in California by VampirePumpkins Sunset in California :iconvampirepumpkins:VampirePumpkins 2 2


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United States
So, I'm a vertically college student who likes to write in her spare time.

I am known as The Midget on Gaiaonline, which I think shows how comfortable I am with my height ^^

I still live at home because if I left, chaos would ensue ._. Also, rent is ridiculously high around here ^^

=D And I'm a huge nerd! So, hi and stuff~

Current Residence: 4 Hours away from anything interesting -.-
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Dunno...Medium to Large?
Favourite genre of music: Jrock/Rock
Skin of choice: The kind on my body...?
Favourite cartoon character: Hiei/ L Lawliet/ Kabuto *damn you, Mr. Artist >.<*
Personal Quote: Sorry, could you repeat that? I was looking at my noodles.
You know, sometimes I feel like posting really passive-aggressive comments on all of the "Artistic Nudes" and "Glamour Portraits" that are always in the Popular pages because you all are a bunch of PERVERTS....but then I remember that I tend to click on those lovely pictures with the pretty mens sans shirts and the nice abs >.>;; .....(Have you noticed that when you have "c" and "l" right next to each other while writing a journal entry, it looks an awful lot like a d? Totally changes the meaning of that sentence....)

I still think those passive-aggressive comments to myself though.
Comments like "OMG, look! Breasts! =D" and "I know that I myself, love walking around the house with my shirt rolled up over my bewbs because sometimes, my boobs get too hot but my shoulders tend chill easily."

Because that's generally what a lot of the pictures titled "Artistic Nudes" are about, aren't they? Tatas on display? And a lot of them (from what I can tell from the thumbnail) aren't even very good. The lighting is often terrible to the point where you can just tell that it's just some chick taking naked pics of herself and posting them here because FaceBook won't let you post nude pics.
And then some of the pictures try to be "artistic" by changing the filter or making it black and white because everyone knows that black and white automatically makes something artistic.
And then there's the expressions that the girls have. Usually they range from "Lolz, I'm naked" to "Rawr, I'm trying really hard to make a smexy face, look how smexy mah face is" .
And the really funny ones are the ones with the titles that make a reference to something else that happens to be in the picture that's NOT bewbs, as if anyone is really looking anywhere else.
"Soulful Eyes" Honey, no one is looking at your eyes when you're doing a naked crab-walk.

This isn't to say that I haven't seen some nice artistic nudes here on DA. Ones where you're less focused on the fact that there's a naked woman because she isn't being displayed like a piece of meat. Nudes where the woman isn't just posing to best show off her sweater meat; where the model actually has a real expression and isn't trying to do her best porno-pout so she can feel better about herself because her daddy never loved her.

Now, I'm no real art critic, so this is just how I feel about most of the nudes that I see. I understand why there are so many on the popular pages; boobs are beloved by many and that isn't going to change. I guess I might just be a bit bitter because the male form doesn't seem to get much love on the front page....
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